✓ Made with Coconut Milk and Real Cocoa
✓ Just 1g of Sugar Per Serving
✓ 3 Delicious Flavours
✓ Vegan and Keto Friendly
✓ Dairy Free

It's Time To Cozy Up

With Fantasty Hot Chocolate, your favourite cold weather drink is now guilt-free!

Nothing's better than cozying up with a hot chocolate on a cold day. But it's not a treat we can indulge in often, since instant hot chocolates have over 20g of sugar and are full of artificial flavours.

That is, until now.

New Fantasty Hot Chocolates break the mold and will take you to your happy place. Dairy free and keto friendly with no added sugar and only natural ingredients, you can warm up with a cup anytime you like, without worrying about high carbs and excess sugar.

Available in three delicious flavours - Original, White Chocolate and Mint - there's a blend for everyone in the family!

Why Fantasty Hot Chocolates Beat The Rest

Hot Chocolate is a cold weather staple. But it's difficult for the whole family to enjoy when the instant hot chocolates are packed full of sugar, artificial flavours and milk powders.

That's where Fantasty sets itself apart.

Just 1g of Sugar / Serving

With just 1g of naturally occurring sugar compared to 20g of sugar in the other hot chocolates, you and the whole family can feel good about enjoying Fantasty Hot Chocolate, the first no-sugar hot chocolate!


100% Vegan and Dairy Free

Fantasty's world class blend provides unrivaled nutrition that vegans and flexitarians can trust. Plus, all blends are completely dairy-free so those with lactose intolerances can enjoy.


Delicious Flavours to Indulge In

Available in Original, White Chocolate and Mint, there's a delicious hot chocolate for everyone to enjoy. Which will be your favourite?

No Artificial. Period.

Artificial colours, flavours and preservatives don't belong in anything we feed ourselves, or our kids. That's why Fantasty Hot Chocolates contain no artificial ingredients, just real cocoa and natural flavours.

It's time to try Fantasty!

Fantasty Hot Chocolate is the first ever no sugar hot chocolate that's dairy-free, keto friendly and packed with the delicious, all natural flavour you love. This truly guilt-free hot chocolate will be a family favourite to cozy up with on those cold weather days. And available in Original, White Chocolate and Mint, you'll find the fantastically tasty cup to take you away to your happy place!

Customer Reviews

See why everyone's raving about Fantasty Hot Chocolates!

Loved hot chocolate as a kid, but stopped drinking it as an adult, so much sugar I felt sick after. Fantasty Original is the best, tastes like the hot chocolates I remember as a kid, but it's actually good for you so I can enjoy it after the gym.

Jake S,


Who doesn't love hot chocolate with marshmallows? But I want a healthy diet - for me and the whole family. Fantasty Hot Chocolates are PERFECT! My kids love the white chocolate. Personally, my favourite is the mint. But no sugar, and a taste THAT GOOD?!? AMAZING!!!

Sarah C,


Keto can be tough, always craving those sweets, especially around the holidays. But a keto-friendly and DELICIOUS hot chocolate?! Sign me up! Thank you Fantasty!

Melissa J,


It's time to indulge in hot chocolate again.

With no added sugar, dairy or artificial flavours, you can finally enjoy hot chocolate again. Natural cocoa and premium coconut milk make for a delicious hot chocolatey treat that you'll love to cozy up with on a chill fall day. It's the hot chocolate the whole family will love!