✓ Vegan, Paleo and Keto Friendly
✓ Boosts Cognitive Function
✓ Supports Energy and Weight Loss
✓ High Quality MCT Oil
✓ 100% Natural with No Sugar Added

Supercharge Your Morning

With Fantasty Keto Booster, your coffee will never be the same!

Made with high quality MCT oil and 5g of plant-based protein, this keto-friendly creamer will turn your favourite morning drink into a cognitive boosting, fat burning and energizing fuel!

With 0g of sugar and a delicious Caramel flavour, Fantasty Keto Boost is the perfect addition to your coffee, tea or espresso. You'll be conquering your day like never before. Say bye to brain fog and sluggish mornings, and say hello to clean, focused energy to crush your day!

Why Fantasty Keto Boost Beats The Rest

When it comes to keto creamers, you need the best. And for that, there's only one choice. 

brain boost

with 7g MCT Oil/serving

With 7g of high quality MCT Oil per serving to boost cognitive function, you'll conquer your morning, crush it at work and own your workout!


100% Vegan and Dairy Free

Fantasty's world class blend provides unrivaled nutrition that vegans and flexitarians can trust. Plus, all blends are completely dairy-free so those with lactose intolerances can enjoy.


0g Sugar / Serving

Welcome to the no-sugar zone! With 0g of sugar per serving, Fantasty Keto Boost is KETO FRIENDLY and won't spike your blood sugar like your usual double-double. But with its delicious Caramel flavour you wouldn't know!


5g of plant-based protein/serving

Your coffee needs protein too. That's why there's 5g of high quality plant proteins per serving, so your body and mind are fueled. Fantasty Keto Boost makes the ultimate Caramel Latte!

Grain and Gluten Free

High performing coffee should be inclusive for all. That's why Fantasty Keto Boost is grain and gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy.  


Fantasty Keto Boost packs the brain-boosting, fat-burning and energizing kick your morning's been missing. With 7g of MCT Oil, 5g of plant protein and a delicious caramel flavour that's easy to add to your favourite morning drink, it's the ultimate twist on bulletproof coffee.

Customer Reviews

See why everyone's raving about Fantasty Keto Boost!

So good, and so effective. When I started keto, coffee was what I missed. Butter and MCT oil in my bulletproof coffee was slimy and gross. But with Keto Boost, I get the fat and protein I need to stay in ketosis, but the caramel tastes so so good!

Jake S,


THE BEST. I add this to my coffee every morning before I start work. I always had brain fog, so I needed something with healthy fats and no sugar. Fantasty Keto Boost is the best! Tastes amazing, no more brain fog. So much energy, and the best part - no more sugar in my coffee!

Sarah C,


With the MCT oil and protein, I get absolutely LOCKED IN when I work. I can focus so much easier now and am crushing it. It's great before a workout too!

Melissa J,


Supercharge Your Morning and Be Unstoppable.

Fantasty Keto Boost is the ultimate coffee creamer. With 7g of MCT oil and 5g of plant protein to boost cognitive function and energy, you'll be locked in and focused on your day. Whether it's crushing a workout, conquering a project or whatever else your day throws at you, you'll be at your best.