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 Fan-Tasty Foods is about bringing you the best ingredients, all while never compromising on taste and functionality.


Our Brand is rooted in creating foods and recipes that make our formulation team excited but also meet our mandatory criteria for keto friendly certification.

 Keto doesn’t have to feel like deprivation. That’s why all our transitional desserts, hot beverage mixes and functional powders are made with an emphasis on flavor and texture. While you get all the benefits of NON GMO certified ingredients and sugar free benefits, we want you and your family to feel like you haven’t sacrificed the taste you love in your conventional mixes. We know once you try our Fan-Tasty Mixes, you will never go back to a high sugar option and the endless baking ideas in your household will unleash a world of possibilities!


Discover the recipes for yourself.


Before the hype of modern day diets, the Ketogenic Diet rooted itself centuries ago in treating ailments including heart function, lung capacity, weight, brain disorders and even cancer. Mind you, many of these very-now-common ailments did not have titles back then, but they none-the-less invaded our society as a whole.

When Sam was 3 years old, he suffered a major seizure. Myself, never having witnessed one, went into panic. Sam flailed, went stiff, turned blue, stopped breathing. This is the first of over 20,000 seizures that Sam would have before starting the Ketogenic Diet.

Sam now, at the age of 18 has been seizure free for over 13 years because of his hard work, commitment to his health and our families need to support him. Because of our experience and thorough education of the Ketogenic Diet, we have dedicated part of our granola shop to this hard-to-maintain diet. We consider ourselves professionals in terms of ratios, macros and fat quantities and furthermore the qualities.

We are always happy to discuss any questions you may have or provide quick and easy solutions for your ketone journey.