The ketogenic diet is a low carb diet that drastically reduces carbohydrate intake and replaces it with fat. This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. Our blends support keto dieters who want a keto friendly treat during the day. We get you from point A to B.

We will never add sugar to any of our blends. We use only natural sweeteners in our blends and never add granular sugar to any blend we manufacture. Our preferred sweetener is Stevia and we have a number of natural processes that reduce the aftertaste all together. This way you ensure you have the healthiest and best tasting treat around!

All of our products are made in a certified gluten free facility. We only use premium almond flours and gluten free ingredients. Our team takes this incredibly seriously as our founder is celiac and believes in quality, gluten free products for our customers.

We have a completely separate part of our facility that produces plant based products such as our vegan protein powders. We are constantly working towards plant based exclusive blends to support this growing market trend which is health and ethically driven.